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With a Plastic Arts background and a degree in Design, its been a while since Stereossauro traded the pencils from the University of Arts and Design by the syntethiser and the turntables. His live performances are characterized by dense and textured sonorities, with no limits to creativity and without fear of escaping the safety of established formulas, where his eclectic musical taste stands out. The sampling, where he crosses past with future along with the lab experimentation of instruments  imprints his musical identity.

Solo, he takes the stage provided with a turntable and a sampler, handled in a unique and very personal way, a format that he likes to name “Two Hands Band”.

Internationally he became scratch world champion with his crew “The Beatbombers” along with Dj Ride in the show category, and twice vice world champion.

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Razat is the stage name of Baltazar Gallego’s bass music project. Native from Lisbon, since 2009 is showing us his young, twisted, agressive and free mind side in project Razat. With countless musical references, ranging from classic music to psy-trance or funk music to drum‘n’bass, Razat gather all of these elemments to create a groundbreaking, complex and explosive sound. The productions signed by Razat are an effervescent blend of dubstep/drumstep/ glitch-hop /breaks/drum ‘n’ bass/ crossbreed/ electro/nu-rave which stumble into psycadelic and trembles with bassline power.

Razat’s power is better felt live. In his DjSet/LiveAct he plays a crazy mix of bass music and mashin’ it up with other music genres breaking with all rules and all lines pre established giving into his public a Unpredictability and versatile show. A brain twisting trip through hard-bass/punchy-drums/party music being a dynamic dance-floor booster. Refreshing approach, new breed, Razat never fails to deliver unique, highpowered and thrilling sets.

In 2010, Razat has been acclaimed by Trashbags as one of the most versatile portuguese producers and the next step was his debut ep “Demons Go Party”, followed by releases on Heavy Artillery Recs., Lu10, Horny Bass Music and Razat Laboratory Recs. “Bass Overload” released by Heavy Artillery Recs has reached the 7th position on beatport drum ‘n’ bass release’s chart.

BeatBombers (Dj Ride & Stereossauro) has included “Ready to Get Funky (Original Mix)” in the winning set of IDA Awards 2011. Some of his tracks are included in sets of bass music recognized artists like Urban Assault, Terravita, Figure, Bare Noize, among others. LxFactory, República da Música, MusicBox, The Loft, Europa, Loading, Optimus Alive ’12, Green Hill were some of the stages that felt already the power of hard-bass/punchy-drums/party music of Razat.

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Currently Zeder is one of the most influent artists within Dubstep/Drum’n’Bass portuguese Scene.

Born in Lisbon, soon this Producer/DJ fell in love with music and  went from playing guitar to  production of Hip Hop, Downtempo and other alternative styles.

His love for  Drum’n’Bass arrived shortly after, starting to invest in production and djing of this kind. Quickly gained recognition in the area for his effort and dedication, and collaborated on various tracks, with C-Netik, presently an icon in the heavier strand of  Drum’n’Bass.

Dubstep was a natural evolution on his career. His experiences on this field were quickly highlighted by his colleagues, motivating him to continue. The lanch of the label “Kali Records”, owned by his collagues Drop Top, was also a strong reason to keep on going. His debut Ep “The Net”  released in 2009 were a pioneer of its kind in Portugal.

Associated with promoter / collective B-Side, consolidated a prominent place, with regular attendance at major events, alongside headliners like Pendulum, Steve Aoki, Borgore, Doctor P, Noisia, Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics, Cookie Monsta, Emalkay, FuntCase, Roksonix among others.

In permanent evolution, preparing his upcoming releases, this project is one of the most promising and passionate of today.

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When performing, Medio’s music selection, energy and swift mixes usually result in breathless audiences.

As a producer, his first release, “Cockbitch In The Sky” (Razat Laboratory Recs), featured in the “Generation Noize, Vol 3” compilation (Catwalk Records), that includes artists as Cyberpunkers, Fukkk Offf and Dirty Disco Youth. He also released the track “Pull Pull” (Ribaplay Recs) and has many more to come.

In March, 2013 Médio won the Drum&Bass Arena & Pioneer european DJ competition with his savage three decks mix.


At the age of 15, João started his musical formation. He studied music and learned to play the guitar at a Jazz school. Soon he discovered music was his great passion and decided to dedicate his life to its understanding.

In 2006 he joined the Trip Hop band Imkino as a guitarist and co-composer, recording several studio tracks.

Later that year he started a college degree in Sound, where he studied music production. The electronic music culture was getting stronger and João’s experience with music went beyond the classes he took. Between the Drum and Bass, Electro, Dubstep and Psy-Trance parties and the jam sessions he had with artists like Razat and DJ Ride, he started to receive and share knowledge in sound design and music production. It was that cultural boom that put João in the path to become Médio. In his last year in college, influenced by the complexity of sound creation, he started to explore Drum and Bass production and had his first contact with live act performances.
In 2009, after graduating from college, João created and started teaching an Electronic Music Production degree at the Jazz school where he studied.

Inspired by the infinite possibilities that electronic music offers, Médio developed a creative identity that is as wide as the genres he explores. Drum and Bass, Maximal Electro and Dubstep are just some of the ways he found to exteriorize what he has learned along the way.

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Knooper is the electronic alter-ego of Rúben Pacheco.
At age 5 his first challenge was the National Conservatory School of Music where he revealed and developped
outstanding piano technique and ability on drums.
From that day forward the thirst for music led him to undergo several projects as Drosera (progressive metal),
Project (experimental) and Innerview (covers). But it wasn’t enough…

So, in the mid 2011, beneath filthy wobbles and deep-rooted in distorted melodic basses something fresh new
emerged from that deep dark hole…
and Knooper was born!!!!

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Hugo Silva is a natural born artist from Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) and gives life to King Peanuts. In 2004, began his first productions which passed through various stlyes – Hip-hop, house, techno, electro, glitch, among others. Always with great influence by recognized artists in electronic music and beyond, King Peanuts aims to discovers new music land where he can explore his creativity.
All over the years, he increased his network of friends and knowed more people within the same movement and began to devote himself more to bass music productions (electro-house/drum’n’bass/trap) and live acts performances.
At this time King Peanuts is one of the emerging scientists artists from Razat Laboratory and his debut ep “Peanut Butter” shows that he is a young promise in the national scene. Besides being a versatile producer, King Peanuts carries with him a great energy in his performances surprising the audience.
But these are only some peanuts.

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Basically, the pleasure of producing electronic music started at 2012 and that led to the creation of the first ideas. The ability to create and knowledge has been increasing which led to the formation of a name, or rather to my entitlement as a DJ/Producer.ChubbY! already shared the decks with Hooky (UK), Subshock (ES) and Dubsidia (ES) and other nacional DJ’s like Sinner, Smuggla, KaRaXiPZ, Zero, Run APC, Zeder, Razat, C-Netik, Terrortek, and many more big names in Portugal that show me their support. Actually I present to the world a huge dosis of BASS, since Dubstep, Trap, Grime, Drumstep, Moombahton, Electro to Drum n´Bass, only to entertain the people who likes electronic music as much as I, and enjoy my art.

Big Up to my label [Razat Laboratory Records] and my promoter [Dop3]

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Ricardo Real (Rix Cena), is a DJ/Producer from Porto, Portugal. Since his early years, has expressed an huge interest in the EDM, as well as in its producing. After being into the Minimal, Electro, Fidget House scene , Dubstep started occupying a huge spot in his carreer. With divsersefied productions, and energetic perfomances, Rix Cena , has been receiving support from artists like Dub Zero, Karetus, Getter, Dub Scout and many more.

In 2012, he releases his first EP “Optimus Slide”, and, since then, he has already played for many National references like DJ Benvinda, Zeder, Drop Top, Bass Brothers, Razat and many more, in a wide range of clubs.

In constant evolution, he pretends to bring fresh stuff to the Bass Music Scene, being actually connected to the Offset agency.

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KARAXIPZ by emma derover

Everything started just for fun in 2010 , at home in front of a computer and friends. KaRaXiPZ (aka Praga Xipz) grew up in the mist of Hardcore/punk/grind/jazz/weed/hiphop lisbon scenario, been a bassist for a few bands ,and from there is love for bass and stomping drums was born.

Early, in 2011, initiated himself in the production world without any purpose besides spending time, and enjoying the moment.  Started being heard by more and more people, till the first opurtunities for “live gigs” came up .
Having since then stepped on stages like : Wharehouse (LX- alcântara ),Tuatara/Republica da musica (LX-alvalade, LOFT (LX – santos) ,Metropolitan  e Lounge bar club (cascais), Casa do cais (Peniche ) , Estádio Magalhães , Cayenne e Sétimo (leiria) amongst others…

His sounds come up with unique and uncommon vybes , with a lot of impact , dark melodies and a sexual int on the mix.
His sets contain a lot of variety and some exclusivity , trying to educate in new sounds and showing out jewls from the past  , all mixed up with his intense way of getting things done (A LA XIPZ). Specialized in  Dubstep/Trap/Drum and Bass  he promises not to disapoint and hopes one day be one of the TOP DJ/producers around his ends .

Has shared stage with the most noticeble names on  lisbon EDM, has : Zeder , C-Netik , Zëro , RunApc ,Razat , Sinner , Terrortek , Cri$e , Segment amongst others strong names all around the country : Rix Cena , Slimcutz  , Zero degrees and a few internacionals aswell: Hooky(UK) , Dubsidia(ES). Dubzero(UK) , Subshock ( ES)

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PESCA : Act or effect of fishing; art of fishing; fishing; extraction; go fishing for something: seek it by either side.

Born in Lisbon, Pedro Cravo aka Pesca is a portuguese Producer, Dj and Live Performer and a fisherman from various sounds within the world of music. The PESCA project comes with the need to share this fishery, based on the bass and electronic music. When acting live their musical selection consists of a mixture of sounds and emotions, with a strong presence of BASS, rhythmic detail, organic textures and involved in a space environment, within the most diverse genres such as dubstep, deep, hiphop, trap, bass music, breakbeat and electronic, as well as original songs influenced by them

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